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Events Engine
The Gaming and Esports Specialist Agency: Marketing, Event Management and Broadcast

Events Engine is the perfect combination of experience and innovation, leading the way in the emerging gaming/esports market.

Events Engine

Gaming and Esports Agency: Marketing, Event, Influencer, Social, Video production

We are the perfect combination of experience and innovation, leading the way in the emerging gaming and esports market with very few competitors in the space.

Our directors have a combined 36 years experience in the industry, with skills ranging from Professional esports player/Team owner, Influencer, Gaming TV Show

Presenter/Owner, PR/Marketing manager and esports league operator, and more. We cover close to every aspect of the industry with an authentic focus on live broadcast, community and competitive gaming. We are the people whom our competitors bring to in the space to actually do the work.

Events Engine will not only create amazing white label events for your brand, but we Rights Manage several existing properties with strong audiences. Events Engine manages a range of existing properties with strong incumbent audiences set to grow.

We can offer Sponsorship and events packages for live, online and social campaign partnerships.

Games Marketing, PR And Strategy

Events Engine know how to tell a story about tech and gaming which communicates something deeper.

Esports Tournament and league Management

Events Engine has hosts with television and event hosting experience.

Broadcast, Production Services & AV Event Equipment Hire

We use TV broadcast quality camera equipment and best in class streaming hardware.

Gaming Event Staff

A dedicated team that knows how to create and produce quality content.


Event Engine provides industry-leading solutions for the following:

Events Engine know how to tell a story about tech and gaming which communicates something deeper – more than specs and features. Our value is we know how to show your value – how your product will make a meaningful difference to gamers.

Strategy and structure, ensuring player experience, rulesets and engaging with international standards, coordinating, project management to bring a smooth running league together, venue sourcing and management, end-to-end project planning.

Specialists gaming and esports savvy staff, talent coordinaton, test and Tag technicians.


Events Engine has an impressive track record of broadcasting big events to massive audiences. Our experience in broadcast television means we understand how to effectively and professionally get our clients’ events out to the world. As well as filming and streaming, we can also manage events, host them or provide experienced, professional and skilled staff if required. Have a look at some of our success stories below.

Battle Arena Melbourne

Battle Arena Melbourne 10 was a massive success with: • 870 competitors • 35 tournaments • over 2000 attendees • 30 international players • 6 EVO champions New Game Plus helped stream the event to over 17,000 concurrent viewers and achieved a total reach of 8,300,000 views across all platforms.

Krunker Pro League

The Krunker Pro League was played each Saturday for 6 weeks. We organised the whole event from scratch with Broadcast team, Commentators, Influencers and Australia top esports players. • 221,184 unique viewers • 5000+ average viewers • 582,550 live views • 20+ hours of content

CouchWarriors league

CouchWarriors is the major organising group for the Australian fighting game esports scene. Monthly Event Stats: • Over 300 players per month at local events • Over 500 players during state major events, 1,000+ at BAM • Livestream reach peak approx 2300 concurrent viewers (for up to 8 events/games per month) and 80,000+ monthly viewers. • Livestream reach up to 25,000 concurrent views during major events


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