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The Game Expo - A new Gaming event arrives

The Game Expo (TGX), held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) March 11-12 2023, was an exciting event for for gaming culture in Australia.  Events Engine was integral to overall strategy, press office, games community engagement, event activation and equipment into the event to bring it to life.

Events Engine - TGX The Game Expo - 1Events Engine - TGX The Game Expo - 2Events Engine - TGX The Game Expo - 3Events Engine - TGX The Game Expo - 4

Events Engine - TGX The Game Expo - 5Events Engine - TGX The Game Expo - 6

Fans could dive into esports tournaments from beginner to pro level. Show creativity with wonderful cosplay, artwork, and met Youtube & Twitch content creators. Enjoyed gaming of all kinds from tabletop & card gaming, to console freeplay, a 60 PC Tournament Zone and BYOC PC LAN (Bring Your Own Computer).

Each corner of the show is about games culture, about participation first: everywhere you look, theres something to see and do. Guided by a concept of games culture with the three Cs:

  • Creativity
  • Competition
  • Community


Highlights Video:

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