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Battle Arena Melbourne

BAM (Battle Arena Melbourne) is Australia’s largest open entry esports event with a unique competitor attendance over 1,000. A festival for gamers, it is a video games tournament which encompasses community gathering, national event, and international world tour destination for the likes of Street Fighter, Tekken, Smash Bros games. BAM hosts cultural fun activity such as artist alley, indie games showcase, cosplay and exhibitor zones. Attracting spectators and casual players alongside top competitors, BAM is viewed via live stream by the global fighting game community (FGC).

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Global Esports Circuits

Our team maintains great relations with the developers of all major fighting games and regularly integrate officially supported world tours to our events, particularly CouchWarriors events such as BAM but we have positioned tours at Conventions and esports events like PAX and MEO. This not only means global promotion, but also boosts international and local attendee numbers.

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Krunker Pro League

The Krunker Pro League was played each Saturday for 6 weeks. We organised the whole event from scratch with Broadcast team, Commentators, Influencers and Australia top esports players.

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CouchWarriors League

CouchWarriors is the major organising group for the Australian fighting game esports scene. With a proud history going back to 2006, the group hosts ranking tournaments and social gatherings under the banner of CouchWarriors League Here players maintain their skills and practice on the road to major events like BAM and CouchWarriors Crossup. The grassroots basis for the scene, operating nationwide. Info: CouchWarriors League Website The opportunity exists to build strong brand association and loyalty throughout the community. All events are live streamed with Twitch front page promotion. Hosted in Melbourne and now Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney. Monthly Event Stats:

  • Over 300 players per month at local events
  • Over 500 players during state major events, 1,000+ at BAM
  • Livestream reach peak approx 2300 concurrent viewers (for up to 8 events/games per month) and 80,000+ monthly viewers.
  • Livestream reach up to 25,000 concurrent views during major events

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