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News: Ubisoft ANZ Appoints Events Engine as content creator agency

Ubisoft ANZ appoints agency on content creator (influencer) campaigns

Events Engine are pleased to announce our new client Ubisoft ANZ! We are working with Ubisoft as its Creator Agency, in order to support its gaming content creator strategy in Australia and New Zealand. Ubisoft have a slate of incredible games coming up, and we’re proud to be assisting Ubisoft to ensure ANZ creator voices, and local audiences, are engaged with these experiences.

The team at Events Engine, as a trusted gaming specialist agency, is thrilled to be working with Ubisoft, who not only make great games but understand the creator space so well. We’re pleased to be on board to help deliver an authentic campaign which will be a win-win for creators and fans.

This collaboration will build on experience in our team which runs deep in the gaming industry. With unique capabilities in working with gaming communities, including social media, events, esports and broadcast production, team members have been providing influencer affiliate program services in this space since 2014

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